Which things to consider before renovating your bathroom?

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Bathroom renovations can be intimidating. After all, there a host of things that you need to think about before you actually begin to renovate your bathroom.


Planning a bathroom renovation is one of the most critical steps. Whether you are looking to completely the bathroom and redesign it, or you just want to change the fittings and fixtures or something else, it all depends on what the purpose of your renovation is. If you are trying to fit in a brand new tub or a shower, you will have to think about allocating space for it and also about the plumbing part too. Your renovation will be slightly faster and easier if you only intend to change the bathroom or fittings, but if a complete tile replacement is something you are eyeing, you are looking at a lot of work. Your plan will typically be a comprehensive list of the services you will need and the materials you will require for your renovation. It is best to invest significant time in planning for the project before you actually dive in.


Setting a budget is a must for any renovation project. After all, you cannot proceed with renovations without knowing how much you wish to spend. Once you are done planning, you will be able to budget your renovation as per your plan. It is important to stick to the budget that you finally decide to go with.

Choosing a team

You may have already thought about choosing a contractor, plumber and electrician to help you complete the renovation. Before assembling a team, make sure to research the best service providers in the area. If someone has recently renovated their home or bathroom in your area, talk to them to understand what are the possible things you need to look out for, especially if this is your first project. If you have decided on a particular contractor, electrician or plumber take time to read about reviews or ask them for work referrals. One word of caution is to never choose anyone who does not have a license to do any work.

Getting ready

Just like home renovations, bathroom renovation may also mean that your home will be filled with working crew and material going in and out of your home. Before starting the work, you will need to devise a plan to arrange easy entry and exit for the working crew and the materials the bathroom area. If you are renovating a bathroom, you will have to remember that your room too may be unusable due to the dust and dirt resulting from renovations. Take in regards all these aspects to make appropriate arrangements for your bathroom renovation to go smoothly without majorly hampering your life.


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