Tips for open plan concept

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Tearing down a wall to create a large open plan living area can make your space more flexible and brighter. There are some details you will need to consider before deciding whether an open plan is right for your home. You should base your decision on what you need, can afford, and whether this update will increase the value of your home. Extensions and loft conversions are the easiest way to add square footage to a house, but going open concept can also add a ‘wow factor’ while increasing the size of a room. Here some tips for an open plan concept:

Load-Bearing Walls

First, you have to figure out whether the wall you want to remove is load-bearing. If it is, you will need a steel beam to carry the weight of the wall instead. A professional structural engineer will be able to find a solution that works for your space.


If you live in a multilevel or attached home, you must also consider whether these upgrades will affect your neighbours' property. Get approval from the necessary people before tearing anything down.


Knocking down walls will turn several small rooms into one big room, but you should first decide why you want a bigger space. While it will bring in more light into this area of your house, consider whether you will utilize it all. The removal of walls also means less privacy in that area, so be sure to keep that in mind as well.


Even in an open area, you will still need to create zones. Typically these will be a kitchen, dining, and living area. Consider the flow of foot traffic between these areas and how to arrange furniture in a logically. You might not want to put the kitchen in the middle if you have children that will be running around while you are cooking with hot pans.

Partial Walls

A great compromise to tearing down a full wall is to have a half wall or moving screens. That way you get the benefits of a defined space while also having an open concept plan.


Do not forget to consider how an open concept plan will affect your heating costs. Since there are less insulating walls in the area, heated and cooled air is free to move around more readily. Floor heating can be an excellent way to address this by providing heating throughout the space from the floor up.


If you are ready to upgrade your living space to an open concept plan, contact Dash Builders. We also specialize in basement renovation, bathroom renovation, and kitchen renovation in the Winnipeg area.